He’s not Grim

by Anpu's Crone

There is nothing Grim about Him

Artists paint Him decked in gold and jewels.  Wearing beautifully  embroidered cloths 

There He stands in Naked magnificence

Glossy black fur, pointed jackal ears, body of a man, face of a dog.

Eyes that glow deepest black or kaleidoscope colors

A laugh that tickles inside of you moving in sleek thick energy from head to toe.

He speaks but not in words.

He will send you bubble of thought containing images, feeling, words and more …more than you can understand.

You tell Him your worries, thoughts and fears

His presence envelopes you warm, dark with the fullness of eternity, closer than any lover, safe, kind, gentil, strong.

Take me with you please I say

“Not Yet” always His reply

Guide of souls




Why are you here? Why do you care?

Warm laughter caresses

He sends a familiar image

I am a cat and He picks me up by the scruff of the neck shakes me just a little bit and laughing puts me down.

No there is nothing Grim about this Reaper

My Lord my Guide my friend

I am His

And I have no fear of Him

Or of death

One day He will hold out His hand to me and say “It is time”

Will it be bitter sweet, will I be ready

“If you follow me now you will be ready than with no regrets” He sends me.

Time seems short to me

“We have all eternity” He laughs

My Love, My Lord, My guide