Spirituality Obsessed.

Scratch any Pagan or Polythest and you will find someone who is spiritually obsessed. In many cases, such as my own the obsession began in early childhood. At least most Pagans and Polytheists that I know seem to have been both spiritually obsessed and quite often .. social outcasts. Indeed I cannot remember a time when I was not both. While sometimes I say that from early childhood through early adulthood I would have gladly “sold my soul” for acceptance from my peers the truth is that on the few occasions when this was quite literally  offered I turned it down. That’s not to say that I always did the right thing .. far from it .. but the sheer hatred of the cruelty and the profound disgust that I felt for my peers … 90 % of whom participated directly in the never ending bullying that I endured made it impossible for me to accept any “out” that required me to participate in the abuse of others.

So back to being spiritually obsessed. At first my only outlet and option was to embrace one of the subsets and/denominations of the dominant religion of time and place of My birth. Since I was born on Long Island New York in 1963 this ment mainstream Christian … with Methodist being the denomination of choice in my family.

It’s a standing joke among many Pagans that we often know the bible better than most Christians.  I started reading it at a very young age.  I read it from cover to cover multiple times before turning 12.  It frightened me.  God was clearly cruel and psycho … I would probably be going to hell and there was nothing I could do about it.  I prayed and begged for mercy.  

There was no internet back in those days so learning about the history of religion and that the Christian faith was but one of many took time.  

As it turns out my Patron Deity has a soft spot for Orphans, Outcasts and those who have suffered Abuse.

He is quite adamant that this mortal life is of great importance and that we should not take our own lives to escape pain … but he is also compassionate and will love and protect those who do so.

How he chooses to interact with his people varies a great deal depending on what each of us may need.  He will indeed be a lonely teenagers astral lover and friend if this is what that person needs.  He has urged me not to make judgments about how he interacts with those who love him.

This blog is dedicated to my Lord Anpu … comments are welcome as long as they are polite.

Anpu does not approve of bullying so do not desecrate his name on this site by being cruel to anybody.

 I will be posting my own experiences with My Lord Anpu and my own interpretations of those experiences.  Followers of this blog … if there should ever be any … are encouraged to share their own insights and experiences of our Lord Anpu.   This is not a contest.  How he interacts with each of us will be very different at times … but by sharing our individual experiences we can all learn more about our beloved Lord.

Hail Anubis! Hail Anpu!

My Sweet Lord, I Adore You!