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Hail Anpu Dweller In The Duat! This blog is dedicated to Anubis also known as Anpu. It will include my personal UPG … unverified personal Gnostics as well as poetry, Insights and stories. I welcome the UPG and comments of others as long as the tone is respectful to The God, myself and others who share their experiences of Lord Anpu. Disrespectful comments will be deleted.

Multicultural Ancient Egypt Not A Homogenous Ancient Egypt

While I firmly believe that the first Egyptians were black it is clear that The Ancient Egyptians were very accepting of other ‘races’ and that they mixed freely with those who came to live among them.

 As the writer of this article says ‘The Law of Maat” demanded fair and equal treatment for all people.  Egypt did have slavery but she was unique in that enslaved people were still people with rights .. rights that were actually honored.  



Many when they think of Ancient Egypt think of it being a homogenous society with one race and one culture, when the reality is Ancient Egypt was a multicultural society with Africans, Semitic Peop…

Source: Multicultural Ancient Egypt Not A Homogenous Ancient Egypt

A few things that need to be said


Beautiful, gentle and fiercely protective.

That’s my Beloved Lord.

Just a few things …

This site is moderated because He so often comes into peoples lives at a time when they are vulnerable.  This is to be a safe space.

I feel a little silly at times using an alias but He has not given me permission to use my real name here.

Personal contact info other than my own will be edited from any comments.  This is to protect anyone who comments here from would be trolls, bullies and other such unpleasant people.  I’m in my crone years, a little ornary and completely unimpressed with with such people.

I recommend the Facebook page The Ancient Temple of Anu Shrine to Anubis for info about Anpu and contact with others who have had real experiences with Anubis.

I have a Facebook page called Anpu’s Crone but you will find more info and better contacts at the Temple site.

That’s all for now.


Blessings Now And Always


One of the best articles I’ve read on what divides us and why this came to be please read


Meditation and Concentration



Well My Lord has me going to Casadaga (a spiritualist town in Florida I live about 15 minutes away) again to study with a teacher by the name of Dr. Don Zanghi  ( He also teaches Satsang at Manav Dharam in Winter Springs Florida.

I have been instructed to post a couple of easy meditation and concentration exercises taught by Don.

These exercises are not new to me, the very same exercises were a part of my Coven work.

For these exercises sit in a comfortable chair back straight, feet crossed right foot over left foot, hands resting on lap palms up pointer finger touching thumb to form a loop.

First exercise pick a spot in front of you – any random spot and stare at it.  Concentrate on that one spot as other thoughts enter your mind let them rise and release them continuing to focus on that one single spot.  This can be done almost anywhere.

Second exercise light a candle have it at eye level. Stare at the candle flame.  After a few minutes close your eyes you should see the candle flame in your mind’s eye with your eyes closed.  Focus on this and try to keep that image as long as you can.

Candle exercise two – stare at candle flame and mentally try to increase the hight of the flame.  You may be surprised at how quickly you will begin to see the candle flame rise and sink in accordance with your will.  You can also end this exercise by repeating exercise one – close your eyes and hold the image of the  flame for as long as you can.

That’s all …these simple exercises will increase your ability to focus and concentrate … and that will improve your ability to meditate.

Hail Anubis!

Hail Anpu!

My sweet Lord

I Adore you!

Blessings now and always

Anpu’s Crone

Behold the Multiverse right here in this our Universe


Once He showed me vision, one so hard to describe.  Like going back to the beginning of this Universe.  Watching it tumble into existence …the realms we see and the infinite number of nonmaterial realities we don’t see all streaming …spreading …expanding.

The strange multicolored  filaments of light  that connect all to all.  Homing in on a beam of yellow light it expanded and within He showed me a multitude of worlds.

He made me see that we really are eternal … our consciousness continues.  We need not return to this hard reality.  There are infinitely more nonmaterial realms than there are material worlds.

It made me dizzy.  No I wasn’t on drugs.  Only meditation.  

Have you seen such visions?  Whether you do or do not matters little.  It’s an amazing experience but it isn’t enlightenment per say.  I certainly didn’t come out of it with mysterious powers.  As proof of that my body is still sick, in pain, and mortal.

I know of people who have had such experiences yet remain small-minded racist, classist, nationalistic bigots.

The overwhelming view of our universe in its infinite complexity is an awesome experience yes but it will not make you a better person.

What will?  Devotion, service and humility.   To recognize that everybody’s life and wellbeing is as important as your own.  To understand that service to a Deity does not make you special.  Such is opened to all of us.  You only need to reach for those who have traveled this path before us and listen!  Meditation is listening.

After listening act … the Gods do not expect so very much from us.  Reach high, be kind to each other, help each other as we can, keep our focus on the Deities we serve.  Why?  To keep that channel of communication open!  And to ensure that when this life is done you will go into the care of the deity you serve.

There is a great deal of work waiting for me after death when I go to my Master.  I can do this work within one of His realms or I can be reborn into this world.  The choice is mine.  I would rather do the hard work now to escape this prison of a world than to return again.  I hope I am successful.  I also hope you are successful whatever your choice, whatever Deity calls you.  Until than we must do the work assigned us here.

Compassion, help, love, food, housing, medicine …an end to war, racism, hatred, division.  We have plenty to do.

Let us do our work as well as we can.


Hail Anubis

Hail Anpu

My sweet Lord

I Adore You!

Blessings Now and Always

Anpu’s Crone

Establishing Contact …Reaching For Deity


Have you read blogs and stories about the Old Gods and the people who serve them?  Are you hungry for contact?  Do you want to know how you go about contacting a Divine Entity?

The answer is simpler than most people think and because it’s simple many won’t even try.  You don’t really need anything except yourself and your desire to reach out to a Deity.  First I will go over a simple meditation designed to help you contact Anpu.

What you absolutely need is some quiet time alone.  Even if you contact Deity in a group setting …which can be awesome by the way …that one on one time is very important.  Your current living situation will determine what form that quiet time will take.

You need to find a setting where you will not be disturbed. Sit or lay down so that you are comfortable.  Start with a few deep breaths …breath in …hold …breath out … Feel your body relax.

Now visualize in your minds eye the God Anpu.  Let Him take the form that ‘feels’ right.  Shut down the judgemental part of your mind for this and allow His form to change as many tines as needed until it feels right.  Continue with slow deep breathing

Now visualize the image of Anpu that has formed in your mind overlapping your body so that He completely covers and enfolds you.  Breath …relax…visualize .. let the feeling of the God that is encasing you grow …relax into this …quiet your mind …breath …feel…listen …continue as long as you wish.  If you fall asleep that’s ok.  You may want to keep a dream journal handy though to record any communications via dreams.

That’s it.  All you need.  Now some will say you should put up a white light of protection, balance your chakras, purify and cleanse yourself.  Do so if you feel the need.  Anpu is an extremely powerful and protective God.  When you invoke Him no evil or harm can remain … His energy automatically banishes negative forces.  This is the bare bones do this daily and you will get results.

With practice you can do this almost anywhere in a few seconds. Sometimes you may be surprised to suddenly find someone other than Anpu encasing you. I have felt My Lords warrior Brother several times!  In that case remember to thank the Deity that comes through.  He or she has come into your vibration to help you.

Now to me devotion means service primarily but offerings are important.  I will leave the question as to whether or not the Gods need our offerings opened.  I do know that we humans need to make offerings.  My own UPG on appropriate offerings is as such.  In Egyptian the devotees first offer their food to the God.  Take a few moments to praise the God and then thank them for the food and eat it with reverence.  My Wiccan background makes it very difficult for me to do this.  The Egyptian Gods infuse the food and drink offerings with their energy when you consume the food you strengthen the link between yourself and your Gods. If you are home and have a shrine by all means offer your food to Him there.  If not visualize the God as in the meditation but this time see him before you.  Mentally hold out the food and drink you have offering it to Him. Wait for his signal a nod, a pat on the head, a verbal command and than thank Him and eat.

A shrine is great to have.  I’m not going to go into details on creating one.  Again depending on your life circumstances your shrine can be home-made items, toy images of dogs, candles from the dollar store.  It can be only in the astral …or as I’ve seen from pics online a magnificent temple featuring a huge 7 ft statue of Anpu!!! Use your imagination.  Create what you can.

More important than any shrine, jewelry, statues, prints and so forth is keeping Him in your heart.  Doing regular meditations and keeping the God always …always …always first.

If you do these things you will get results.  I cannot promise that Anpu will be your Patron.  If he is not your Patron He will guide you to the Deity who is ready and waiting for you.

Wishing you a blessed journey into the waiting arms of your Lord or Lady.

Hail Anubis

Hail Anpu

My Sweet Lord

I Adore You!


Blessings now and always

Anpu’s Crone

A Broken Famley


I love the image above showing the very emotionally charged scene in which Nebt-Het leaves Her husband Set in order to protect Her son Anpu.

It’s a touching scene something many of us mere mortals can relate to.  Set is imploring her to stay but you can see she is determined to go because that is what she feels she must do to protect her child.

Is it literally true? Is it allegory? A little of both?  Is Set the father of Anpu or is it Osiris? Or even Ra? Do Gods come into existence as described in the sacred lore? Or do they become Gods after countless incarnations in a process of spiritual evolution?  What does it mean when we are told that Set and Nebt-Het are married? What do they really look like?  Set is often depicted as a villain but is this fair or accurate?  Is it fair to say that Osiris is a better God than Set?  How long ago did all this happen?  What does it all mean?

My Wiccan teacher would say ‘Meditate on it’ and I can’t come up with anything better than that!

Deities are complicated.

There are no simple answers to these or the multitude of other questions we may ask about them.

However, that said, I think one good way to proceed is to assume that the lore given to our ancestors about the Gods was given because these are the best ways in which humans can understand the Gods and perhaps to show us humans that the Gods are not strangers to the trials and troubles we suffer.

So back to the story.

Set loves his wife and clearly doesn’t want her to go.  Nebt-Het has her arms wrapped protectively around her son and although she is turned away from Set she appears to looking at him from the corner of her eyes.  Yet her expression is determined.  The young Anpu looks toward his Father (or uncle) while accepting his Mother’s protective embrace.

As a servant of Anpu what lesson is to be learned here?  What has this Artist so brilliantly captured that my Lord compels me to write about it?

Well first Anpu has always been very protective of and sympathetic with abused and traumatized people.  Here he is rejected by his father/uncle due to allegations of infidelity.  Is it true? Does it even matter?  Surely the child God Anpu was innocent regardless.  So here first I would say in this image Anpu would have us know that he understands the pain a child feels when rejected by a parent.

Next there is Nebt-Het leaving her husband to protect her child.  How many of us have experienced domestic abuse? Have you ever been in an abusive relationship?  Were you abused as a child?  Did the non-abusive parent (if there was one sadly there often isn’t) leave?  Did you go to a shelter? Stay with relatives?  Have you left a partner because they were abusive? Are you still stuck in that situation? Are you torn? What will it cost you to take your child or children and leave?  Here Anpu acknowledges how difficult and painful this situation is but His Mother is clearly showing us the way.  You must leave the abuser to protect the child or children as well as yourself.  I know it’s a hell of a lot harder to do than to say. I’ve been in abusive relationships without kids and it was very hard to leave!  Still reach out to whomever you need to reach out to for help.  Terrified need to be discreetly rescued? Go to Wal-Mart, Target, any large store ask to see the manager tell them you are being abused, if your abuser is at the store let them know.  If the abuser is likely to be right next to you the whole time I’d recommend a Wal-Mart because they have lots of witnesses, security, cameras and safe places in back of the store. I know I worked in the back office of one for years.  You can get protection and a hook up with a shelter.  It can be dangerous to make a move like that but every minute that you and your child/children (if any) spend alone with the abuser places y’all in grave danger.  There are a lot of places in the USA where you can go for protection.  Any police dept., fire dept.,hospital or government building should protect you. Please request help ASAP!!

Next there is Set.  Tired I’m sure of always being the ‘bad guy’ – but abusers say that a lot don’t they.  In this case Set is acting like the Native American Coyote God showing the right way by doing the wrong thing!  He let his possessiveness, jealousy and rage destroy His marriage.  Why did He listen to gossip? Why did He reject His Son based on rumors?  Was His ‘pride’ worth more to Him than His wife and His son?  Love demands acceptance and trust.  Here we see that Set pays a high price for His actions.  He loses His family.  Don’t follow this example!!! 

Hail Anubis

Hail Anpu

My Sweet Lord

I Adore You


Blessings now and always

Anpu’s Crone



NewYear, New Work, New Me

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I shivered uncontrollably under the pile of warm blankets in my hallway bed in the emergency room.  The nurse said it was a ‘cold IV’ that would drop my body temperature.  I grew up in an extremely cold place and I knew the worse thing you can do is stiffen up but I’m losing that battle with myself.  My husband sits beside me, his eyes red from lack of sleep. Next came the ‘migraine cocktail’ a mix of barbiturates and Benadryl.  My husband was watching the time.  It took five minutes. The way over the top headache and nausea was gone but the cold had done a job on my joints especially my left knee.  I now had the pain that feels like the electric sand spurs under my knee caps and in the joints of my toes.

It was Saturday January 2nd I had been sick since Thursday night. Vomiting up bile, cold sweats, and unbelievable pain.

I went to work on Monday and Tuesday but it was very difficult getting through those days.  On Wednesday I saw my own doctor.  He put me in a medical leave for two weeks while we see if the new mix of chemicals will work out. Hopefully everything will work will together to treat my various medical conditions.  I also have some other changes to make.

So why tell this story here?  Thing is it’s been building up for years.  He has been patient with me even when I asked Him constantly “Can I go now?”.  His answer always the same.

When you belong to a deity and when that deity calls you to full-time service you can be sure that your Patron will do what ever it takes to break through your shields and open you up.

There were/are a lot of issues that I’ve just let build up over the last few years.  Like so many others my everyday life was becoming unmanageable due to poverty and chronic illnesses affecting both myself and my husband.  In addition my father had a couple of heart attacks, my mother has Alzheimer’s, and my brother, sister-in-law and niece had to move in with family due to circumstances beyond their control.

Sound familiar?  Accept for a very privileged few life is becoming more difficult for everybody. I live in the New Rome – the United States.  We call it America as though there were no other nations on this continent.  Hardships.  No one is bombing my neighborhood.  I am not starving to death.  I am not a slave forced to work outrageous hours under horrific conditions to provide cheap goods for “American” markets.In the USA I am white and heterosexual.  The non-white, the LGBT don’t have it so good.  Those troops that God’s Own Party here in the USA supported so much when they sent to war … well now they die waiting for medical care and they live on the streets.  Meanwhile those sworn to serve and protect just can’t seem to stop assaulting, raping, torturing and killing mostly non-white and poor citizens.

My Lord has forced my eyes opened.  Were I thought I had things under control in my own life He showed me that I didn’t.  When I thought I knew what was going on in this world and where I fit in He showed me that my perceptions were way out of wack.  He beat me over the head with His staff and broke the hard shell of false perceptions and stubbornness.  Then He patted me on the head and told me to take some time to get my shit together and get to work.

What is this work He would have me do?  No hospice, Not working with the dead, no He wants me to work for social justice.  He wants me to help others to heal.

This is why I must tell my own stories more and more. Please known this whenever you look into the eyes of another there is suffering there, there is struggle, joy, pain, sickness, hope and hopelessness.  We most learn to be kind to each other.  If you have wealth share it! If you have useful knowledge and the blessings of health and free time use them! If you think you have nothing at all to give, no way at all to lessen the suffering of another you have greatly underestimated the power of a kind word, a gentle smile, a hand offered in friendship.

This is the lesson He has given me now to start the new year.  Truth and compassion are the key words.

Hail Anubis

Hail Anpu

My Sweet Lord

I Adore You!!


Blessings Now and Always

Anpu’s Crone

December blues, The longest Night and The thickening of The Veil


 Please see link below to visit the artists page


There is so much that I need to be doing but I’m having a hard time doing anything at all.

 My niece well be coming to live with my husband and I in just a few more days.  My house is a wreck.  Her room is packed with boxes and furniture. No where near ready for her to move in.

We have a lot of work to do.

Why is December such a difficult time of year?

Memories.  Everything seems to trigger a memory.  I see a Christmas tree and I’m at my childhood home on Long Island New York on Christmas Eve.  My cousins and my brother and I playing with our new toys a riot of adult conversion in the background everyone seeming to talk at once. Gone …so many have already died others like most of my cousins I’ve not seen or spoken to in almost 40 years.  We moved away and we all grew apart.

Then there are changes in society the little towns, the neighborhoods, the places where your grandparents grew up and then your patents. Generations of family,friends and neighbors living in the same little towns.  There was a sense of community of belonging. Gone now for most of us.

 Here in Florida winter lacks the power it had in upstate New York or on long Island. Everything is green and it’s still warm enough to run the air conditioning but I do remember the cold and the dark.

 Another memory.  My mother keeping a small table full of potted plants in the living room in upstate New York.  The plants lent a little bit of life when the world seemed so cold and gloomy and dead.  There was no quite on that mountain.  The wind howled something fierce.  The wind sounded like old time wailing seeming to be morning some unknown dead spirit. The gloom of winter, the longest night can bring on depression.

Then there is the veil.  In October when the veil is thin I feel the presence of my beloved dead but it isn’t painful.  It feels more like a reunion.  I love that time of year.  As the veil slowly thickens I can almost feel them drifting slowly away from me like passengers on a ferry boat.  I know I will see them again but now I feel each loss more keenly almost as if they died only just now. I write this for Him.  Many people are depressed this time of year.  How much more must I write?

Visiting my parents I see the pain in my fathers eyes and the confusion and desperation in my mothers.  They are in their 70s. Mom has Alzheimer’s.  I see her struggle to hold on to her selfhood while the disease slowly but relentlessly strips it away from her.  My father does all he can for her but in the end he can only watch her slip away.  She tried suicide and failed.  I’m so selfish I don’t want to lose her.  She promises not to do it again. A final act of love.  Staying with us as long as she can.  I am her child, will I have her courage? If this disease strikes me ? I don’t think so.

My brother and  sister-in-law are on their way back from her brother’s funeral.  She has now only his son, her nephew left of her blood family.

A beautiful soul, my husbands first wife died to young on December 14 a few years ago.  I see the hurt in her children and grandchildren. There are no words that can ease their pain.

Yes December is hard.  But the divine message of December is the rebirth and renewal of the sun after the darkest night.

My Lord Anpu councils patience – life will triumph over death. Light over darkness.  Do not give in to despair hold on my friends and hail the rebirth of Ra. Whomever you morn, whatever your hardship or sadness remember our Gods have been there and they will help you through it.  Take the time to meditate and listen.

Blessings always

Anpu’s Crone

UPG The Old Gods Calling




Image by Jumbie Art –

The Old Gods are not dead. The Old Gods are not simply archetypes … They are not merely a part of our collective human memory or constructs of our unconscious minds. Though they can certainly manifest to us in those ways.

They are Living Entities … awesome , Powerful and Frightening.


They come into the lives of their devotee’s and shake us up to the core.

They change the way we see ourselves, our world and the Great Powers.

Perhaps you came looking for My Lord? Perhaps he came looking for you? When you first glimpse the reality of a Deity will you embrace the experience? Will you surrender yourself to Him/Her (pronouns are tricky here just one more way they challenge us)? Or will you flee from it …unready to deal with the implications. Unable to accept that which threatens to tear apart all you think you know about ‘reality’.

To open to a Deity is to place yourself utterly in that Deities hands. Your life is no longer your own. You will be taken to places that you fear to go, you will learn things about yourself that you would rather not know. Do you think you can hide anything from a Deity? If so you are a fool. My Lord knows me inside and out. He knows the history of my past lives …the complete cycle of my evolution. He knows yours as well. They all do. Are you ready to stand before the Old Ones …naked, alone. It requires a great deal of trust.

UPG … This is a great concept. Unverified Personal Gnosis …what the Deity reveals to you alone. What Lord Anubis reveals to you will of course be unique. The Gods are teaching a new generation of Worshipers coming out of a two thousand-year stranglehold in which their worship was so violently and thoroughly suppressed. When He communicates to me that communication must be filtered through my own grey matter ..colored by my own history throughout lifetimes. It was the same ages ago.

It is good to study the surviving myths and rituals. To ignore the surviving lore of our Ancestors would be foolish and irresponsible.

But I believe that it is imperative that we take both our own UPG and the UPG of others seriously. Yes sometimes I come across things written by others that make me think Really? But a touch of humility is important. How do I know if that flaky sounding UPG is real or delusion?

The Old Ones are teaching us again. By sharing our experiences with other Devotees of the same Deity with each other we grow in our understanding of our Gods, ourselves and this awesome multiverse we all live in.

This is how the Gods have chosen to rebuild their cults and restore the Ancient bond between this heavy material realm and the Realms of The Gods.



If you like the image above here is a link to the site.  They sell these as tapestries …I can’t afford one but I wow ..

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