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Hail Anpu Dweller In The Duat! This blog is dedicated to Anubis also known as Anpu. It will include my personal UPG … unverified personal Gnostics as well as poetry, Insights and stories. I welcome the UPG and comments of others as long as the tone is respectful to The God, myself and others who share their experiences of Lord Anpu. Disrespectful comments will be deleted.

R.I.P. Not likely



On Facebook I often see memes saying that a loved one is ‘at peace’ or ‘resting’ after physical death.  This is a false teaching.

We are symbiotic creatures part animal and part Spirit.  We have this trait in common with every other physical entity or ‘thing’ on earth.

Our bodies carry our genes and the memories of our physical ancestors.  The immortality of the body is via the genes passed on to the next generation.

Our individual bodies have consciousness and the body fears death.  As you develop spiritually your eternal soul will be able to link with your physical consciousness enabling you to calm the bodies fears of death.  The body will know that it’s life force will continue because it has merged with the deathless soul.

How is this done?  Meditation and devotion.

As I’ve stated in past posts the non-physical  realms greatly outnumber the physical.  Once we graduate from earth most of us will find ourselves in one of the realms created, maintained and controled by a Deity.

These entities have traveled this path before us.  Some of these realms are almost as physical as our earth such as the Nine Worlds of the Norse.  Others are very light like the bright lands of the Buddha’s

Wherever you go don’t expect a lot of rest.  Sure you will be given time to acclimate to your new life and to go over the lifetime you just completed.  This will be followed by fully entering into a new reality with new responsibilities, new challenges and a new course of learning and growth.

Aren’t you glad! When I was a child I wondered about heaven.  It was better than eternal torture but spending eternity singing the praises of a God sounded horribly boring. Not to mention  terrifying. What if you should have a single critical thought about this God?  Off to eternal torture for you now.

Fortunately the Deities would find an afterlife like that to be as horrific as we do.  The Xians didn’t just get it wrong those who wanted to profit from the fears of the people literally made it up and distroyed both the people and the writings of those who taught the true teachings of the Hebrew Christ.

The Deities expect you to get angry with them.  They expect you to have sexual thoughts .. yes even about them.  You will not be punished for it this is a normal part of being and it is a normal, expected and necessary part of your growth.

There is no eternal punishment and there is no eternal rest.  There is eternal growth and learning.

Even the Gods are growing and learning.  It’s  not a one way thing this relationship between Deities and us.  The teacher learns and grows while teaching.  You and I will be called on to teach, to heal, to help those beneath us in power and knowledge.

The reason I became a vegetarian was that I asked for help and a Goddess answered.  She said to me “you want mercy, kindness and help from those above you? From the Gods?”  I said yes I do and she told me “Than show mercy and kindness to those below you … do not eat other animals not harm them …do your best to treat them as you would want to be treated by those above you …understand?”

As above so below.  I took my life vow to Her and I  highly recommend it to all.

So what is death?  What happens when you die?

Simply this.  Your body no longer functions so you exit the body.  Your natural state is that of an Orb. ” Every man and woman is a star”.  You are a ball of light, energy and consciousness.

Upon exiting the body you will be met by those whom you most hope and expect to see.  There will be a guide, a pschopomp these are entities that will bring you safely to whatever realm you are supposed to go to.

Once there you will be greeted by healing and helpful entities who will stay with you while the Lords of Karma go over your life review.

After your life review you get some down time …with consuling so that you can understand what you did well and where you went wrong.

You will than either go back into this world for another incarnation or you will go to a different reality. Either way you will continue to exist, you will continue to be you and you will continue to grow and learn.

It is my hope that I will go to my Lord Anpu and serve Him rather than returning to this world.

Many of the Deities are holding psychic exit signs. The great teachers have told us there is a way off the wheel of rebirth.  Listen, meditate, keep the Deity always in the forefront of your mind.  Always see your God/Goddess with your third eye.  With every inbreath and out breath breath in the God/Goddess and breath out spiritual and physical toxins.  This will get you where your soul wants to go.

No I’m not there yet myself.  I am as imperfect as you are.

The way is difficult but it is worth the effort.

May your journey bring you to the reality (dimension) that you hope to attain.

Blessings now and Always

Hail Anpu!

My Sweet Lord!












He Growled


I’ve said before  this Deity  does not like abusive people.

If you are abusive and foolish enough to try to claim Him you will get what’s coming to you.

I have heard from others that an angry Anpu is scary to say the least.  I only just recently experienced this first hand.  Looking at a photo of a self important abusive individual  posing for  the camera  holding an Anubis mask I actually  heard him growl.  That’s  a first.

This person was threatening others with curses. I had felt for the energy stream that accompanies magick …never found it.  So was looking  at images …need a link to send it back. If anything  is  actually  sent..

That’s when I heard Him growl.  I learned a new thing.  He called it a chaos sphire.  It traps negative energy generated by  an individual or group of people  and causes that energy to become stuck bouncing around the aura of the wrong doers.  The out is simple. Give up on doing harm to  others and the harmful energy cam be harmlessly grounded.

Is it dark? A curse in its own  right?

I would say so but I cannot do it on my own anyway the geometry is beyond me.

My Sweet Lord

My I never anger you  so.




Honoring Anpu

Kemetically Speaking


Adoration of Anpu Lord of the Sacred Land
when He comes from the Beautiful West
by the artisan Ptahmassu, beloved of Ptah.
He says:

Homage to You, Anpu, Forerunner of the
House of Ausir, Foremost of the Westerners
whose coming forth predicts the day
following after the night.

O Dread Lord, terror of millions,
fear of You possesses the hearts
of those enemies of Ausir Wennefer,
and their blood has watered the earth
on the day of the Haker-Festival.
It brings joy to your heart to see
the rebellious punished,
your seat upon the mount
being raised upon their bones.

O Anpu tepi-dju-ef, He Who is Upon
His Mountain, the Nine Bows submit
to your hand, Ma’at acclaims You,
the Two Banks are reconciled before
your feet, and the Sacred Land
makes a welcome of the Blessed
in your holy presence.

Homage to You, Anpu khenty sekh-netjer

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From the first knowledge lecture The Golden Dawn



The 125th Chapter is concerned with the entry of an initiate into the Hall of the Two Columns of Justice and commenced with a most beautiful and symbolic description of Death. as a journey from the barren wilderness of Earth to the Glorious Land which lies beyond. The literal translation of the opening lines is as follows:

“I have come from afar to look upon thy beauties. My hands salute thy Name of Justice. I have come from afar, where the Acacia Tree grew not. Where the tree thick with leaves is not born. Where there come not beams from herb or grass. I have entered the Place of Mystery. I have communed with Set. Sleep came upon me, I was wrapped therein, bowing down before the hidden things. I was ushered into the House of Osiris, I saw the marvels that were there. The Princes of the Gates in their Glory”

The illustrations in this Chapter represent the Hall of Truth as seen through the open leaves of its door. The hall is presided over by a God who holds his right hand over the cage of a hawk and his left over the food of Eternity. On each side of the God is a cornice crowned by a row of alternate feathers and Uraei symbolising justice and firey power. The door leaf which completes the right hand of a stall is called ‘Possessor of Truth controlling the Feet’ , while that on the left is ‘Possessor of strength binding the male and female animals’ . The 42 judges of the dead are represented as seated in a long row, and each of them has to be named, and the Sin over which he presides has been denied.

This chapter describes the introduction of an initiate into the Hall of Truth by ANUBIS, who, having questioned the aspirant, receives from him an account of his initiation. and is satisfied by his right to enter. He states that he has been taken into the ante-chamber of the Temple and there stripped and blindfolded, he had to grope for the entrance to the Hall, and having found it he was reclothed and annointed in the presence of the Initiated. He is then asked for the Pass-words and demands that his Soul should be weighed in the Great Balance of the Hall of Truth, whereupon ANUBIS again interrogates him concerning the symbolism of the door of the Hall, and his answers being found correct, ANUBIS says, “Pass on, thou knowest it”.

Among other things the initiates states that he has been purified four times, the same number of times that the Neophyte is purified and consecrated in the ceremony of the Neophyte. He then makes the long Negative Confession, stating to each judge in turn that he is innocent of that form of Sin over which he judges. Then he invokes the Judges to do him justice, and afterwards describes how he had washed in the washing place of the South, and rested in the North, in the place called ‘Son of the Deliverers’ and he becomes the Dweller under the Olive Tree of Peace, and how he was given a tall flame of fire and a scepter of cloud which he preserved in the salting tank in which mummies are swathed. And he found there another scepter called ‘Giver of Breath’ and with that he extinguished the flame and shattered the scepter of cloud, and made a lake of it. The initiate is then brought to the actual Pillars and has to name them and their parts under the symbol of the Scales of a Balance . He also has to name the Guardian of the Gateway, who prevents his passage, and when all these are propitiated the plea of the Hall cries out against his steps, saying, “Because I am silent, because I am pure.” and it must know that his aspirations are pure enough and high enough for him to be allowed to tread upon it. He is then allowed to announce to Thoth that he is clean from all evil and has overcome the influence of the Planets, and THOTH says to him, “Who is He whose Pylons are of Flame, whose walls of Living Uraei, and the flames of whose House are streams of Water?” and the Initiate replies, “Osiris!”

And it is immediately proclaimed: “Thy meat shall be from the Infinite and thy drink from the Infinite. Thou art able to go forth to the sepulchural feasts on earth, for thou hast overcome.”

Thus, these two chapters, which are represented by their illustrations on the Two Pillars, represent the advance and purification of the Soul and its union with Osiris the Redeemer, in the Golden Dawn of the Infinite Light, in which the Soul is transfigured, knows all, and can do all, for it is made One with the Eternal God.






For more read The Golden Dawn by Israel Regardie

The Monsters Are Real



Alone in the Darkness of a Grade school class


Alone in the Darkness of a school playground


Alone in the Darkness of a family dinner table


Alone with the monsters of cruelty and hate


Alone with the Demons of a mothers glazed over eyes


Alone with the hatred of teachers and students family and neighbors


Alone and afraid an empaths curse


Childhood innocence shattered with a million adult demons taking form in my head


Rejection and abuse, torment and pain


Suicide, murder,molestation and rape


Alone in the Darkness a new form takes shape


A Black Dog growls Demons take flight


“What do you fear? What gives you peace”


“Take me with you” I say “before it’s to late.  I am losing the battle, I am beginning to hate”


Dark arms enfold me a dark Mother’s embrace.  Star speckled night holds me tight


“I need you here My Child can’t you see …the monsters are real they are devouring souls”


“I am only one what can I do …”


“Be patient, be kind, lead them to me”


And so it began this Mystery


At Home in the Darkness I wait for you


At home in the Darkness speckled with light


At home in the Darkness I see past my pain


At home in the Darkness where the demons are real


At home in the Darkness evil transformed


At home in the Darkness I reach out to you


Together in the vastness our souls burn bright


There is nothing to fear, no one to hate


Be gentle, be kind, forgive and spread peace


The Dark Mother is with us Her Royal Child our guide


In pain and poverty in a world full of hate


The Black Dog will lead us until it is time


To be with Him in the vastness our souls filled with Love


The Monsters are real I have always known them

My Polytheism

This is just beautiful.


[Written as a contribution to the awesome conversations started by #MyPolytheism]

Where the wild things?

My polytheism is Arianrhod, stars seen through pine trees on a winter night, sunlight shimmering on the surface of water, reflected upon overhanging branches. Grey-blue storm clouds blown over grassy plains towards dark hills, the scent of chamomile after lightning, the drowning of kingdoms and the ecstasy in shadow.

My polytheism is Brân, flight of ravens over crowded cities, wounded crow perched in an alcove, feathers strewn across a park in late summer. Fallen egg-shell from a hundred-foot tower, sight of wide valleys seen from mountains and the glimmer of sea just beyond. Wet-booted fording of a cold river with a friend, endurance of a giant as knife-edges stab from behind, wet cliffs in midwinter Wales, red alder threaded by path of Elk.

My polytheism’s Ceridwen, that cold blade before Imbolc. Lonely nights wandering alleys of cities while…

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If Gods have religion mine must be Buddhist


Meet Don Zangi of Casadaga Florida my own spiritual teacher.

A gentle and humble man he teaches “Satsang” or spiritual knowledge as he has received it from his own teacher Shri Satpal Ji Mahara.

My Lord, My Beloved God has been very clear …. He has sent me to Don to learn.

Don doesn’t know Anpu although I’ve tried to tell Don about Him.  I suspect that Don doesn’t believe in Anpu at all.  Anpu could care less ..He believes in Don.  And so off I go to Satsang.

Even the same God will reveal Himself to His devotees differently, sometimes so much so that the devotees may wonder if they all belong to the same God.

Anpu reveals Himself to me in such a way that I tend to think He must be Buddhist.  He is kind, gentle, loving, patient and has a great sense of humor. He cares about spiritual growth but not about religion.   My silly little ego …My Lord could care less about that too …except to the extent that it gets in the way.

It’s not hard to see why He loves Don.

Don has a saying …

“I don’t know

I don’t care

And I don’t want to know”

To clarify he does not mean that he doesn’t care about people.  Far from it ..he goes out of his way to help others.

This is about gossip and drama.  It lowers your vibration, complicates your life and is, in general, damaging to your spiritual, mental and physical health.

Avoiding gossip and drama is in keeping with The Laws Of Maat as per the negative confession.

 29.“Hail, thou who orderest speech (Sera-kheru), who comest forth from Unaset, I have not stirred up strife.”

30. “Hail, Lord of faces (Neb-heru), who comest forth from Netchfet, I have not judged hastily.”

31. “Hail, Sekheriu, who comest forth from Utten, I have not been an eavesdropper.”

32. “Hail, Lord of the two horns (Neb-abui), who comest forth from Saïs, I have not multiplied words exceedingly.”

36. “Hail, thou bearer of the sistrum (Ahi), who comest forth from Nu, I have not spoken scornfully.”

The temptation is great and I have succumbed before and no doubt will do so again.  We must make a conscious effort to resist.  As my Mother used to say don’t step down into the sewer with anybody.

The Pagan net always seems to have a flame war going.  We do not have to participate, but if we choose to we should keep the above laws of Maat in mind.

Politics …My country, the USA is going through it’s Presidential election madness.  With that one candidate appears to be …well…not in any way in keeping with The Law’s Of Maat …it’s already ugly.  Speaking out against evil is certainly not only permitted but required.  It is important that while doing so we do not step down into the sewer with him.

There is a great deal of hardship in this world.  If you are reading this and have a roof over your head and food to eat be grateful.  If no one is bombing your cities and towns, if tanks are not rolling through your neighborhoods be thankful.

It is difficult to pursue a spiritual path under stress.  I know all too well.  My husband and I are both chronically ill, with chronic pain, we are broke, it looks like I’m going to lose my job and I am the ‘bread winner’, my mother is slowly dying of Alzheimer’s and MS, my father has had 3 heart attacks and open heart surgery, my brother, niece, step-daghter and several other family members have serious health problems, everybody is broke, we live in Florida and we have no air conditioning. The house wasn’t built with windows aligned to catch a breeze.

But I see homeless people every time I venture out into public places.  

Knowing others have it worse doesn’t make your own pain less.  The Neter, The Gods, understand this.

Avoiding drama can be very, very difficult too.  And They understand this as well.  Sometimes due to your circumstances avoiding toxic people may be impossible.  Such people will constantly seek to bait you so that you will supply them with the attention they crave and join them in their intensely negative realities.

What can you do?  Say no I don’t know about X and no I don’t want to know.

OK fine.

Try not to stoop to name calling.  Try to place a little distance between yourself and the toxic person.  Realize that the hurtful words mean that they are suffering. they are in pain. they are acting irrationality on autopilot often behaving exactly the way an abusive parent or caregiver behaved towards them.  This distance makes it easier not to internalize another persons negatively.

The link below will take you to a book that will help you to understand and deal with negative people. Even more importantly it will help you to understand yourself.

regards to the election I am going to try my best not to respond to the name calling.  I am going to try to speak only in terms of my own beliefs as to what is true about the candidates.  I will do my best not to go negative and stoop to name calling even when others call me various nasty names.

This life, this nation, this time in history is transient and impermanent.  Our souls are eternal.  Let us always try to live within The Laws Of Maat.


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