Photo Essay: Coming Full Circle With Anpu Lord of the Sacred Land

by Anpu's Crone

I have this print and it is beatiful. I greatly admire this Priest-Artists Sacred works.

Icons of Kemet


Anpu Lord of the Sacred Land

Panel #2 of the Sacred West Triptych
An original Kemetic icon by master iconographer Ptahmassu Nofra-Uaa

Extra fine watercolor, precious metal, semi-precious stones on 8″x10″ archival panel

Genuine mineral pigments used as watercolor:
lapis lazuli (sourced from Chile), amethyst (Soladad, Brazil), bloodstone (Alaska, USA), jadeite (Alaska, USA), piemontite (Alaska, USA), rhodonite (Bellahorizonte, Brazil), red fuchsite (Brazil), garnet (Brazil), malachite.

22 karat gold, Sterling silver, copper
Cabochon gemstones: Chrysoprase (Brazil), Sugilite (South Africa), onyx
Austrian lead crystal elements by Swarovski®.

O Anpu Lord of the Sacred Land draw near to my door!
May You grant boons when You come with the Wedjat Eye wholly open; untarnished it rises in Your hands before the Assembly of the Sky!
Ho! Throw back those bolts to the sky-doors,
and upon Your holy mount rise up to break the seals of heaven.
O Anpu, O Opener of…

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