R.I.P. Not likely



On Facebook I often see memes saying that a loved one is ‘at peace’ or ‘resting’ after physical death.  This is a false teaching.

We are symbiotic creatures part animal and part Spirit.  We have this trait in common with every other physical entity or ‘thing’ on earth.

Our bodies carry our genes and the memories of our physical ancestors.  The immortality of the body is via the genes passed on to the next generation.

Our individual bodies have consciousness and the body fears death.  As you develop spiritually your eternal soul will be able to link with your physical consciousness enabling you to calm the bodies fears of death.  The body will know that it’s life force will continue because it has merged with the deathless soul.

How is this done?  Meditation and devotion.

As I’ve stated in past posts the non-physical  realms greatly outnumber the physical.  Once we graduate from earth most of us will find ourselves in one of the realms created, maintained and controled by a Deity.

These entities have traveled this path before us.  Some of these realms are almost as physical as our earth such as the Nine Worlds of the Norse.  Others are very light like the bright lands of the Buddha’s

Wherever you go don’t expect a lot of rest.  Sure you will be given time to acclimate to your new life and to go over the lifetime you just completed.  This will be followed by fully entering into a new reality with new responsibilities, new challenges and a new course of learning and growth.

Aren’t you glad! When I was a child I wondered about heaven.  It was better than eternal torture but spending eternity singing the praises of a God sounded horribly boring. Not to mention  terrifying. What if you should have a single critical thought about this God?  Off to eternal torture for you now.

Fortunately the Deities would find an afterlife like that to be as horrific as we do.  The Xians didn’t just get it wrong those who wanted to profit from the fears of the people literally made it up and distroyed both the people and the writings of those who taught the true teachings of the Hebrew Christ.

The Deities expect you to get angry with them.  They expect you to have sexual thoughts .. yes even about them.  You will not be punished for it this is a normal part of being and it is a normal, expected and necessary part of your growth.

There is no eternal punishment and there is no eternal rest.  There is eternal growth and learning.

Even the Gods are growing and learning.  It’s  not a one way thing this relationship between Deities and us.  The teacher learns and grows while teaching.  You and I will be called on to teach, to heal, to help those beneath us in power and knowledge.

The reason I became a vegetarian was that I asked for help and a Goddess answered.  She said to me “you want mercy, kindness and help from those above you? From the Gods?”  I said yes I do and she told me “Than show mercy and kindness to those below you … do not eat other animals ..do not harm them …do your best to treat them as you would want to be treated by those above you …understand?”

As above so below.  I took my life vow to Her and I  highly recommend it to all.

So what is death?  What happens when you die?

Simply this.  Your body no longer functions so you exit the body.  Your natural state is that of an Orb. ” Every man and woman is a star”.  You are a ball of light, energy and consciousness.

Upon exiting the body you will be met by those whom you most hope and expect to see.  There will be a guide, a pschopomp these are entities that will bring you safely to whatever realm you are supposed to go to.

Once there you will be greeted by healing and helpful entities who will stay with you while the Lords of Karma go over your life review.

After your life review you get some down time …with consuling so that you can understand what you did well and where you went wrong.

You will than either go back into this world for another incarnation or you will go to a different reality. Either way you will continue to exist, you will continue to be you and you will continue to grow and learn.

It is my hope that I will go to my Lord Anpu and serve Him rather than returning to this world.

Many of the Deities are holding psychic exit signs. The great teachers have told us there is a way off the wheel of rebirth.  Listen, meditate, keep the Deity always in the forefront of your mind.  Always see your God/Goddess with your third eye.  With every inbreath and out breath breath in the God/Goddess and breath out spiritual and physical toxins.  This will get you where your soul wants to go.

No I’m not there yet myself.  I am as imperfect as you are.

The way is difficult but it is worth the effort.

May your journey bring you to the reality (dimension) that you hope to attain.

Blessings now and Always

Hail Anpu!

My Sweet Lord!