He Growled


I’ve said before  this Deity  does not like abusive people.

If you are abusive and foolish enough to try to claim Him you will get what’s coming to you.

I have heard from others that an angry Anpu is scary to say the least.  I only just recently experienced this first hand.  Looking at a photo of a self important abusive individual  posing for  the camera  holding an Anubis mask I actually  heard him growl.  That’s  a first.

This person was threatening others with curses. I had felt for the energy stream that accompanies magick …never found it.  So was looking  at images …need a link to send it back. If anything  is  actually  sent..

That’s when I heard Him growl.  I learned a new thing.  He called it a chaos sphire.  It traps negative energy generated by  an individual or group of people  and causes that energy to become stuck bouncing around the aura of the wrong doers.  The out is simple. Give up on doing harm to  others and the harmful energy cam be harmlessly grounded.

Is it dark? A curse in its own  right?

I would say so but I cannot do it on my own anyway the geometry is beyond me.

My Sweet Lord

My I never anger you  so.