The Monsters Are Real

by Anpu's Crone



Alone in the Darkness of a Grade school class


Alone in the Darkness of a school playground


Alone in the Darkness of a family dinner table


Alone with the monsters of cruelty and hate


Alone with the Demons of a mothers glazed over eyes


Alone with the hatred of teachers and students family and neighbors


Alone and afraid an empaths curse


Childhood innocence shattered with a million adult demons taking form in my head


Rejection and abuse, torment and pain


Suicide, murder,molestation and rape


Alone in the Darkness a new form takes shape


A Black Dog growls Demons take flight


“What do you fear? What gives you peace”


“Take me with you” I say “before it’s to late.  I am losing the battle, I am beginning to hate”


Dark arms enfold me a dark Mother’s embrace.  Star speckled night holds me tight


“I need you here My Child can’t you see …the monsters are real they are devouring souls”


“I am only one what can I do …”


“Be patient, be kind, lead them to me”


And so it began this Mystery


At Home in the Darkness I wait for you


At home in the Darkness speckled with light


At home in the Darkness I see past my pain


At home in the Darkness where the demons are real


At home in the Darkness evil transformed


At home in the Darkness I reach out to you


Together in the vastness our souls burn bright


There is nothing to fear, no one to hate


Be gentle, be kind, forgive and spread peace


The Dark Mother is with us Her Royal Child our guide


In pain and poverty in a world full of hate


The Black Dog will lead us until it is time


To be with Him in the vastness our souls filled with Love


The Monsters are real I have always known them