My Polytheism

This is just beautiful.

Rhyd Wildermuth

[Written as a contribution to the awesome conversations started by #MyPolytheism]

Where the wild things?

My polytheism is Arianrhod, stars seen through pine trees on a winter night, sunlight shimmering on the surface of water, reflected upon overhanging branches. Grey-blue storm clouds blown over grassy plains towards dark hills, the scent of chamomile after lightning, the drowning of kingdoms and the ecstasy in shadow.

My polytheism is Brân, flight of ravens over crowded cities, wounded crow perched in an alcove, feathers strewn across a park in late summer. Fallen egg-shell from a hundred-foot tower, sight of wide valleys seen from mountains and the glimmer of sea just beyond. Wet-booted fording of a cold river with a friend, endurance of a giant as knife-edges stab from behind, wet cliffs in midwinter Wales, red alder threaded by path of Elk.

My polytheism’s Ceridwen, that cold blade before Imbolc. Lonely nights wandering alleys of cities while…

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