for my Lord Anpu

Hail Anpu Dweller In The Duat! This blog is dedicated to Anubis also known as Anpu. It will include my personal UPG … unverified personal Gnostics as well as poetry, Insights and stories. I welcome the UPG and comments of others as long as the tone is respectful to The God, myself and others who share their experiences of Lord Anpu. Disrespectful comments will be deleted.




Attachment stuck to whys
Attachment stuck to pain
Attachments stuck to injustice
Letting go … the mind rebels
Letting go … the mind goes back again….
Connected always to its source
in the mind
in the soul
in the memory
to be free I must let go …
or remain here in the past
in the pain
relinquishing … to release is not to condone
to let go is to end the pain … I know but…
the mind rebels
stuck on whys
stuck on how could they?
stuck on the horror… the injustice….
the soul bleeds
the memory of pain
something unknown …
acknowledgment … seeking
Attachments forming already channels to
new lives …
new connections ….
another turn of the wheel
a path to endless retribution
is this justice?
another path is known
to let go is to be free
free of the wheel
nevermore to seek
To leave off the whys
so hard but so needed
and if I succeed my attachments converted to
will lift up all …. not to condone but to resolve
to be free
to rise to a plane glimpsed at
what need does a ball of light have of
I am complete
I will be
love is the law
there is no other
yet still …..
the mind rebels



Anpu’s Crone

This Mortal Coil


I’ve always felt like a visitor here in this world and an unwelcome one at that.

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