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Hail Anpu Dweller In The Duat! This blog is dedicated to Anubis also known as Anpu. It will include my personal UPG … unverified personal Gnostics as well as poetry, Insights and stories. I welcome the UPG and comments of others as long as the tone is respectful to The God, myself and others who share their experiences of Lord Anpu. Disrespectful comments will be deleted.

Hello Darkness My Old Friend


A few days ago I had this stuck in my head.  while I was singing ‘hello darkness my old friend’ to myself I opened FB on my phone and at the top of my feed was a link to this song and video.  The Man that posted it also belongs to Anpu.

This is an excellent cover done by Disturbed.

A couple day’s later at the Satsang class in Cassadaga the Teacher actually used the words ‘The sound of silence’

Enough coincidence.

For quite a while now I’ve been trying to write about this.  Keep not quite getting it ‘right’ so …

With my little ego out of the way

In the name of my Lord Anpu

In keeping with the Laws of Maat

With the wisdom of Tahuti

May I communicate here what You would have me communicate about this song.

So mote it be.


The joining of lyrics, video and audio makes this cover very powerful.

Here Disturbed opens with a visual of the “wasteland”

In Western Grail Legends the King must join with the Goddess of the land or the Land will become a wasteland.

Sovereignty …the right to rule comes from the mystical Union of the human welding power over the land and people with the Divine spirit of the Land itself.  The ruler is charged with the Divinly ordained task of using his or her power to serve the needs of those he or she rules over.  If need be the Ruler is to sacrifice his or herself for the good of the Land and the people.

In our societies there is no such sacred Union.  Instead those who rule over us do so to  increase their own wealth and power without regard for the welfare of either the people or the lands that they have rulership over.

The wasteland is the result.

I’ll let the video speak itself.

Multicultural Ancient Egypt Not A Homogenous Ancient Egypt

While I firmly believe that the first Egyptians were black it is clear that The Ancient Egyptians were very accepting of other ‘races’ and that they mixed freely with those who came to live among them.

 As the writer of this article says ‘The Law of Maat” demanded fair and equal treatment for all people.  Egypt did have slavery but she was unique in that enslaved people were still people with rights .. rights that were actually honored.  



Many when they think of Ancient Egypt think of it being a homogenous society with one race and one culture, when the reality is Ancient Egypt was a multicultural society with Africans, Semitic Peop…

Source: Multicultural Ancient Egypt Not A Homogenous Ancient Egypt

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