A few things that need to be said


Beautiful, gentle and fiercely protective.

That’s my Beloved Lord.

Just a few things …

This site is moderated because He so often comes into peoples lives at a time when they are vulnerable.  This is to be a safe space.

I feel a little silly at times using an alias but He has not given me permission to use my real name here.

Personal contact info other than my own will be edited from any comments.  This is to protect anyone who comments here from would be trolls, bullies and other such unpleasant people.  I’m in my crone years, a little ornary and completely unimpressed with with such people.

I recommend the Facebook page The Ancient Temple of Anu Shrine to Anubis for info about Anpu and contact with others who have had real experiences with Anubis.

I have a Facebook page called Anpu’s Crone but you will find more info and better contacts at the Temple site.

That’s all for now.


Blessings Now And Always