Meditation and Concentration

by Anpu's Crone



Well My Lord has me going to Casadaga (a spiritualist town in Florida I live about 15 minutes away) again to study with a teacher by the name of Dr. Don Zanghi  ( He also teaches Satsang at Manav Dharam in Winter Springs Florida.

I have been instructed to post a couple of easy meditation and concentration exercises taught by Don.

These exercises are not new to me, the very same exercises were a part of my Coven work.

For these exercises sit in a comfortable chair back straight, feet crossed right foot over left foot, hands resting on lap palms up pointer finger touching thumb to form a loop.

First exercise pick a spot in front of you – any random spot and stare at it.  Concentrate on that one spot as other thoughts enter your mind let them rise and release them continuing to focus on that one single spot.  This can be done almost anywhere.

Second exercise light a candle have it at eye level. Stare at the candle flame.  After a few minutes close your eyes you should see the candle flame in your mind’s eye with your eyes closed.  Focus on this and try to keep that image as long as you can.

Candle exercise two – stare at candle flame and mentally try to increase the hight of the flame.  You may be surprised at how quickly you will begin to see the candle flame rise and sink in accordance with your will.  You can also end this exercise by repeating exercise one – close your eyes and hold the image of the  flame for as long as you can.

That’s all …these simple exercises will increase your ability to focus and concentrate … and that will improve your ability to meditate.

Hail Anubis!

Hail Anpu!

My sweet Lord

I Adore you!

Blessings now and always

Anpu’s Crone