Behold the Multiverse right here in this our Universe


Once He showed me vision, one so hard to describe.  Like going back to the beginning of this Universe.  Watching it tumble into existence …the realms we see and the infinite number of nonmaterial realities we don’t see all streaming …spreading …expanding.

The strange multicolored  filaments of light  that connect all to all.  Homing in on a beam of yellow light it expanded and within He showed me a multitude of worlds.

He made me see that we really are eternal … our consciousness continues.  We need not return to this hard reality.  There are infinitely more nonmaterial realms than there are material worlds.

It made me dizzy.  No I wasn’t on drugs.  Only meditation.  

Have you seen such visions?  Whether you do or do not matters little.  It’s an amazing experience but it isn’t enlightenment per say.  I certainly didn’t come out of it with mysterious powers.  As proof of that my body is still sick, in pain, and mortal.

I know of people who have had such experiences yet remain small-minded racist, classist, nationalistic bigots.

The overwhelming view of our universe in its infinite complexity is an awesome experience yes but it will not make you a better person.

What will?  Devotion, service and humility.   To recognize that everybody’s life and wellbeing is as important as your own.  To understand that service to a Deity does not make you special.  Such is opened to all of us.  You only need to reach for those who have traveled this path before us and listen!  Meditation is listening.

After listening act … the Gods do not expect so very much from us.  Reach high, be kind to each other, help each other as we can, keep our focus on the Deities we serve.  Why?  To keep that channel of communication open!  And to ensure that when this life is done you will go into the care of the deity you serve.

There is a great deal of work waiting for me after death when I go to my Master.  I can do this work within one of His realms or I can be reborn into this world.  The choice is mine.  I would rather do the hard work now to escape this prison of a world than to return again.  I hope I am successful.  I also hope you are successful whatever your choice, whatever Deity calls you.  Until than we must do the work assigned us here.

Compassion, help, love, food, housing, medicine …an end to war, racism, hatred, division.  We have plenty to do.

Let us do our work as well as we can.


Hail Anubis

Hail Anpu

My sweet Lord

I Adore You!

Blessings Now and Always

Anpu’s Crone