Establishing Contact …Reaching For Deity

by Anpu's Crone


Have you read blogs and stories about the Old Gods and the people who serve them?  Are you hungry for contact?  Do you want to know how you go about contacting a Divine Entity?

The answer is simpler than most people think and because it’s simple many won’t even try.  You don’t really need anything except yourself and your desire to reach out to a Deity.  First I will go over a simple meditation designed to help you contact Anpu.

What you absolutely need is some quiet time alone.  Even if you contact Deity in a group setting …which can be awesome by the way …that one on one time is very important.  Your current living situation will determine what form that quiet time will take.

You need to find a setting where you will not be disturbed. Sit or lay down so that you are comfortable.  Start with a few deep breaths …breath in …hold …breath out … Feel your body relax.

Now visualize in your minds eye the God Anpu.  Let Him take the form that ‘feels’ right.  Shut down the judgemental part of your mind for this and allow His form to change as many tines as needed until it feels right.  Continue with slow deep breathing

Now visualize the image of Anpu that has formed in your mind overlapping your body so that He completely covers and enfolds you.  Breath …relax…visualize .. let the feeling of the God that is encasing you grow …relax into this …quiet your mind …breath …feel…listen …continue as long as you wish.  If you fall asleep that’s ok.  You may want to keep a dream journal handy though to record any communications via dreams.

That’s it.  All you need.  Now some will say you should put up a white light of protection, balance your chakras, purify and cleanse yourself.  Do so if you feel the need.  Anpu is an extremely powerful and protective God.  When you invoke Him no evil or harm can remain … His energy automatically banishes negative forces.  This is the bare bones do this daily and you will get results.

With practice you can do this almost anywhere in a few seconds. Sometimes you may be surprised to suddenly find someone other than Anpu encasing you. I have felt My Lords warrior Brother several times!  In that case remember to thank the Deity that comes through.  He or she has come into your vibration to help you.

Now to me devotion means service primarily but offerings are important.  I will leave the question as to whether or not the Gods need our offerings opened.  I do know that we humans need to make offerings.  My own UPG on appropriate offerings is as such.  In Egyptian the devotees first offer their food to the God.  Take a few moments to praise the God and then thank them for the food and eat it with reverence.  My Wiccan background makes it very difficult for me to do this.  The Egyptian Gods infuse the food and drink offerings with their energy when you consume the food you strengthen the link between yourself and your Gods. If you are home and have a shrine by all means offer your food to Him there.  If not visualize the God as in the meditation but this time see him before you.  Mentally hold out the food and drink you have offering it to Him. Wait for his signal a nod, a pat on the head, a verbal command and than thank Him and eat.

A shrine is great to have.  I’m not going to go into details on creating one.  Again depending on your life circumstances your shrine can be home-made items, toy images of dogs, candles from the dollar store.  It can be only in the astral …or as I’ve seen from pics online a magnificent temple featuring a huge 7 ft statue of Anpu!!! Use your imagination.  Create what you can.

More important than any shrine, jewelry, statues, prints and so forth is keeping Him in your heart.  Doing regular meditations and keeping the God always …always …always first.

If you do these things you will get results.  I cannot promise that Anpu will be your Patron.  If he is not your Patron He will guide you to the Deity who is ready and waiting for you.

Wishing you a blessed journey into the waiting arms of your Lord or Lady.

Hail Anubis

Hail Anpu

My Sweet Lord

I Adore You!


Blessings now and always

Anpu’s Crone