A Broken Famley

by Anpu's Crone




I love the image above showing the very emotionally charged scene in which Nebt-Het leaves Her husband Set in order to protect Her son Anpu.

It’s a touching scene something many of us mere mortals can relate to.  Set is imploring her to stay but you can see she is determined to go because that is what she feels she must do to protect her child.

Is it literally true? Is it allegory? A little of both?  Is Set the father of Anpu or is it Osiris? Or even Ra? Do Gods come into existence as described in the sacred lore? Or do they become Gods after countless incarnations in a process of spiritual evolution?  What does it mean when we are told that Set and Nebt-Het are married? What do they really look like?  Set is often depicted as a villain but is this fair or accurate?  Is it fair to say that Osiris is a better God than Set?  How long ago did all this happen?  What does it all mean?

My Wiccan teacher would say ‘Meditate on it’ and I can’t come up with anything better than that!

Deities are complicated.

There are no simple answers to these or the multitude of other questions we may ask about them.

However, that said, I think one good way to proceed is to assume that the lore given to our ancestors about the Gods was given because these are the best ways in which humans can understand the Gods and perhaps to show us humans that the Gods are not strangers to the trials and troubles we suffer.

So back to the story.

Set loves his wife and clearly doesn’t want her to go.  Nebt-Het has her arms wrapped protectively around her son and although she is turned away from Set she appears to looking at him from the corner of her eyes.  Yet her expression is determined.  The young Anpu looks toward his Father (or uncle) while accepting his Mother’s protective embrace.

As a servant of Anpu what lesson is to be learned here?  What has this Artist so brilliantly captured that my Lord compels me to write about it?

Well first Anpu has always been very protective of and sympathetic with abused and traumatized people.  Here he is rejected by his father/uncle due to allegations of infidelity.  Is it true? Does it even matter?  Surely the child God Anpu was innocent regardless.  So here first I would say in this image Anpu would have us know that he understands the pain a child feels when rejected by a parent.

Next there is Nebt-Het leaving her husband to protect her child.  How many of us have experienced domestic abuse? Have you ever been in an abusive relationship?  Were you abused as a child?  Did the non-abusive parent (if there was one sadly there often isn’t) leave?  Did you go to a shelter? Stay with relatives?  Have you left a partner because they were abusive? Are you still stuck in that situation? Are you torn? What will it cost you to take your child or children and leave?  Here Anpu acknowledges how difficult and painful this situation is but His Mother is clearly showing us the way.  You must leave the abuser to protect the child or children as well as yourself.  I know it’s a hell of a lot harder to do than to say. I’ve been in abusive relationships without kids and it was very hard to leave!  Still reach out to whomever you need to reach out to for help.  Terrified need to be discreetly rescued? Go to Wal-Mart, Target, any large store ask to see the manager tell them you are being abused, if your abuser is at the store let them know.  If the abuser is likely to be right next to you the whole time I’d recommend a Wal-Mart because they have lots of witnesses, security, cameras and safe places in back of the store. I know I worked in the back office of one for years.  You can get protection and a hook up with a shelter.  It can be dangerous to make a move like that but every minute that you and your child/children (if any) spend alone with the abuser places y’all in grave danger.  There are a lot of places in the USA where you can go for protection.  Any police dept., fire dept.,hospital or government building should protect you. Please request help ASAP!!

Next there is Set.  Tired I’m sure of always being the ‘bad guy’ – but abusers say that a lot don’t they.  In this case Set is acting like the Native American Coyote God showing the right way by doing the wrong thing!  He let his possessiveness, jealousy and rage destroy His marriage.  Why did He listen to gossip? Why did He reject His Son based on rumors?  Was His ‘pride’ worth more to Him than His wife and His son?  Love demands acceptance and trust.  Here we see that Set pays a high price for His actions.  He loses His family.  Don’t follow this example!!! 

Hail Anubis

Hail Anpu

My Sweet Lord

I Adore You


Blessings now and always

Anpu’s Crone