UPG The Old Gods Calling

by Anpu's Crone




Image by Jumbie Art –

The Old Gods are not dead. The Old Gods are not simply archetypes … They are not merely a part of our collective human memory or constructs of our unconscious minds. Though they can certainly manifest to us in those ways.

They are Living Entities … awesome , Powerful and Frightening.


They come into the lives of their devotee’s and shake us up to the core.

They change the way we see ourselves, our world and the Great Powers.

Perhaps you came looking for My Lord? Perhaps he came looking for you? When you first glimpse the reality of a Deity will you embrace the experience? Will you surrender yourself to Him/Her (pronouns are tricky here just one more way they challenge us)? Or will you flee from it …unready to deal with the implications. Unable to accept that which threatens to tear apart all you think you know about ‘reality’.

To open to a Deity is to place yourself utterly in that Deities hands. Your life is no longer your own. You will be taken to places that you fear to go, you will learn things about yourself that you would rather not know. Do you think you can hide anything from a Deity? If so you are a fool. My Lord knows me inside and out. He knows the history of my past lives …the complete cycle of my evolution. He knows yours as well. They all do. Are you ready to stand before the Old Ones …naked, alone. It requires a great deal of trust.

UPG … This is a great concept. Unverified Personal Gnosis …what the Deity reveals to you alone. What Lord Anubis reveals to you will of course be unique. The Gods are teaching a new generation of Worshipers coming out of a two thousand-year stranglehold in which their worship was so violently and thoroughly suppressed. When He communicates to me that communication must be filtered through my own grey matter ..colored by my own history throughout lifetimes. It was the same ages ago.

It is good to study the surviving myths and rituals. To ignore the surviving lore of our Ancestors would be foolish and irresponsible.

But I believe that it is imperative that we take both our own UPG and the UPG of others seriously. Yes sometimes I come across things written by others that make me think Really? But a touch of humility is important. How do I know if that flaky sounding UPG is real or delusion?

The Old Ones are teaching us again. By sharing our experiences with other Devotees of the same Deity with each other we grow in our understanding of our Gods, ourselves and this awesome multiverse we all live in.

This is how the Gods have chosen to rebuild their cults and restore the Ancient bond between this heavy material realm and the Realms of The Gods.



If you like the image above here is a link to the site.  They sell these as tapestries …I can’t afford one but I wow ..