The nuts and bolts how to begin a relationship with Lord Anpu

anuppsssThe way to build a relationship with a Deity is similar to building a relationship with anyone else invest your time and energy.

Dailey Devotions and meditations are the key.  A shrine is nice to have if your living situation permits but it isn’t really necessary. Still since we are human a Shrine is helpful … It creates a permanent sacred space dedicated to the Deity. Something we can see and touch.

It’s not difficult to find beautiful images of Anubis online.  If you can afford it a statue of Anubis makes a great centerpiece for your shrine.  If you cannot you can pick up a toy dog at a dollar store, draw or print out an image of him, make an image from clay (even play dough).  He loves the poor, the homeless, the abused, the orphaned, the sick and oppressed.  He is more impressed with your sincerity than with pretty things.  A shrine can be an image drawn on a concrete wall with stone, a hidden space under a tree or bush.  If a physical shrine is impossible create an astral shrine. Use your natural ability to ‘daydream’ use your imagination to visualize a grand shrine or temple.

My shrine is on a small round altar …  a gift from my father on my hand fasting. The centerpiece is a small statue of My Lord … about 7 inches tall.  Around him I have crystals, divination tools (Tarot) images of the ‘grim reaper’ and trinkets that were gifts to me from those who have crossed over.  I also have a small offering dish, a pretty purple wine glass, an Egyptian themed incense burner, a white candle,  a small dish of salt and a few other odds and ends.

Every night I kneel at my shrine-alter and offer myself to Him.  I chant and meditate.  I wear glasses so I place my glasses on the shrine at night symbolically giving him my ‘eyes’ so that I might see and understand what I see in accordance with His will.

Every morning I kneel at His shrine and perform a self blessing/dedication to Him.  An example of the wording is as follows…

Hail Anubis! Hail Anpu

My Sweat Lord I Adore You

Please bless my heart that it might always be lighter than the feather of Maat and a fit dwelling place for your divine spirit.

Hail Anubis! Hail Anpu

My sweet Lord I adore you!

Please bless my mind that I may think wisely clearly and well in this realm and in all the realms in accordance with your will

Hail Anubis! Hail Anpu!

My Sweet Lord I Adore You!

Please bless my eyes that I might see and that might understand all that I see as you would have me understand. In this realm and in all the realms in accordance with your will. (at this point I put on my glasses)

And so on … I include hearing, speaking, working, walking …


I have a hard time with this due to my Wiccan background.  I tend to think that anything offered to a Deity should not be consumed by the devotee. In Egyptian this is not the case.  In fact one great way to perform your offerings is to give your food to the Deity first.  Take a little time to clear your mind and open yourself to Him .. and then thank him for the food and drink and consume it.  The Egyptian Deities seem to like to infuse their energies into the offerings and then when the devotee consumes it … those energies increase the bond between them.



This is listening.  Clear your mind and visualize Anubis reach out to him with your mind and heart, and then quiet your mind as much as you can.  I find that He tends to communicate using feelings and images more so than words.

As always this is based only on my own experiences with Anpu I do not claim to be an expert or a teacher.

When doing anything for the God listen with your heart He will let you know what he wants you to do.