by Anpu's Crone

e84278cbe52aae990d1fd0a733fcab58My husband says we live in a bully worshipping culture and he’s right.  We are surrounded by forces that use intimidation to control us.

How many videos have we all seen of police violently assaulting unarmed non-resisting citizens?  How may times have we witnessed police outright murdering citizens and getting away with it?  Do you fear the police?  The Black lives matter movement has outed the dark and sadistic culture of brutality that has become the norm in our criminal justice system.  The assaults and murders are only the tip of this iceberg.

State sponsored terrorism against the lower end of the economic scale has become brutal.  Policing for profit, judges that have quotas to fill in terms of numbers of warm bodies and length of terms for the for profit prisons, code enforcement officers that are on patrol in poor neighborhoods only (a code enforcement officer told my husband that they don’t patrol wealthy neighborhoods) writing tickets with sizable fines for high grass, backing your car into your driveway and even feeding birds, squirrels and stray cats.

The message in poor and or non- white communities is clear.  Keep your head down, keep quite don’t make waves.  Don’t even think about going to court to stand up for your ‘rights’ if you do not only will you lose your case but you risk losing your freedom and the financial punishment will make survival almost impossible.

Racism.  Currently POC are being told that racism is dead after all we have a black President.  The Black Lives Matter movement is being slandered as racist and protesters have been portrayed as nothing more than a group of rioting thugs.  Those who have filmed police committing murder have been falsely imprisoned, publicly maligned and even poisoned.

Overseas our country is feared because our government is fond of invading, bombing and taking whatever it wants.  At home anyone who dares criticize our governments for profit wars is labeled a traitor.

After over 30 years of an economic policy that redistributes the wealth of this nation from the bottom to the top we have arrived at a place where the majority of

Working class people live in poverty.  The working poor  are shamed into silence.  We are told if we worked harder and made better choices we wouldn’t be poor.  The lie of that should be obvious to anyone who knows even a little bit about the economics of trickle down … but shaming is ment to keep you quite.  A handful of people ate permitted to rise from the ranks of the working poor to what is left of the middle class.  These are used to make the majority think that they are to blame for being poor

The homeless … Are kept homeless to scare the shit out of the still sheltered working class.  People will put up with all kinds of abuse from their employers when jobs are hard to find and a social safety net is either non- existent or inadequate to keep them off the streets.

 Then we have mass media. So called news that is geared toward sensationalism and owed buy corporations pushing their own agendas.  Fox has got millions of poor white people voting against their own interests by blaming poor minorities for the economic hardships created by an economic system that gives everything to the ultra rich.

Meanwhile to keep the poor distracted we have the endless culture wars.  The ruling class has got a large percent of the population divided against each other because it’s not OK to just live and let live.  So homophobia, xenophobia, Islamophbia and so on.

Our culture is seeped in bullying.

So why am I even talking about it?  Because bullying is something that my Lord Anubis is dead set against.  It’s not enough for Him that I avoid bullying. He taught me the mantra “silence is consent”.  Yes I already knew this from the 60’s but He has let me know that as one of his it is not OK to sit on sidelines.  I must speak up..

It’s a lot easier to go along to get along but it’s absolutely imperative that we make those waves.