I know my Lord as “The Dweller In The Duat” As such He seems to step out of time and space for a few moments to communicate with me. His means of communication is a complex mix of imagery, words and feelings forming patterns. From His perspective the times we are living in and the events we experience flow predictably from what was to what will be.

He shows me patterns.

And than He shows me the trageties of our times. The way millions of us lucky ones living in wealthy and powerful countries are following people who like lemmings are making a great deal of noise while rushing headlong to their deaths. Each one caught up in the crowd unable to stop pushed ever forward by those behind flowing over the edge in a riot of chatter and soft furry bodies.

Such are those who rule over us. The politicians, the 24 hour ‘news’ personalities, hate mongers on the radio, ultra rich celebrities, people we love to love and people we love to hate which will be deliberately predetermined by what subgroup(s) we belong to either by force (born into it without much possibility of ever choosing anything different) or by choice. Divided we listen to the never ending noise designed to keep us in an endless state of high anxiety, to keep us endlessly at war with each other while those who “own” this modern world of ours enjoy a leval of power, wealth and privilege that would have shocked and delighted Caligula.

Anonymous posted video that shows this very clearly so I will add that link here.Please watch it if you are able.


This year has been perticurly explove. This was inevitable due to fact that our societies are in decline. To learn more about that please visit “The Archdruid Report” and start reading anywhere.


Meanwhile the less fortunate among us who were born in parts if this world plagued by poverty and violence can do little more than pray for our demise while their lands, resources and lives are plundered to feed the never ending greed of the more powerful Nations.

What can we do? After many years of Pagans actively seeking the Gods and Goddesses of our Ancestors something has happened. They have begun to break through the barriers of our minds and make Themselves known to us once more. We must work to open our minds and hearts wider and wider until we are no longer blind and deaf to the sacredness of all that exists on this living planet we call home. When we form real connections with “The Powers”, Spirit The Divine … We will know what must be done. There is a great deal of work that must be done to bring balance, compassion and justice into this world so lacking in these qualities.