An Execration

by Anpu's Crone

Hail Wepwawet warrior brother of my lord hear this prayer cleanse this world of this evil

Gangleri's Grove

An Execration.

Because Daesh has begun the destruction of Palmyra.

Because too many nations are standing back allowing them to destroy and desecrate.

Because they are human filth with no respect or  piety even for the God they claim to worship.

Because they have committed countless atrocities on women, children, and the lands they enslave.

May the Gods of those lands, the Gods of their own ancestors turn Their attentions upon them. May their own ancestors repudiate them.

May the land itself rebuke them.

May abundance and success elude them.

May they suffer as they have caused others to suffer.

May the Gods afflict them.

May the Gods destroy them.

May the Gods call the to account for every deed.

May they be expunged in agony from our world.

I call upon Sekhmet, destroyer of nations.

I call upon Isis, whose name they defile.

I call upon Inanna, Who…

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