Hail Nebt-Het Beloved Mother of My Lord. What can we learn from Her on Mothers Day?

by Anpu's Crone

On the day before mother’s day scanning through my Facebook feed I saw several of my childhood friends posting pictures of their beloved mother’s and saying how much they missed them.

Tomorrow I will be going to Casadaga with my husband, my stepdaughter and my pregnant and very beautiful step granddaughter to remember and honor my husband’s first wife.  She was a beautiful soul and I am grateful that I had a chance to meet her before cancer claimed her, taking her from the people she loved way to soon.

Afterwards my husband and I will go to visit my mother.  She spent a lifetime battling M.S. and now she is dealing with Alzheimer’s. The disease is still in its early stages so she still knows everyone.  She also knows exactly what is happening to her and what the future holds.  My father had 3 heart attacks and a triple bypass surgery a few months ago.  I am very aware of how lucky I am to have them both.

What does this have to do with Nebt-Het? Everything. She is the dark Goddess who mourns with us, She is the protector of souls, the midwife who presides over the birthing of infants into our physical world and also the birthing of souls Into the realms of the Gods.

She is a nurturing and protective Goddesses.  She assisted Her sister Isis in gathering together the pieces of Osiris and it was She who restored His breath.

She is a healer who can gather together the hidden or lost parts of our selves healing the deep wounds within.  She laments with us validating our pain.

She is a Goddess of the night and of the dark and fertile earth.  Seeds planted in her dark womb are nurtured by Her so that they grow stretching upwards seeking the life-giving light of Ra. We are also nurtured by Her in our Mother’s wombs until we are fully formed and ready to be born into Ra’s life-giving light.

On Mother’s day it is She who comforts those who have lost their Mother’s as well as those who either never had a Mother or those who had abusive Mother’s.

She councils us to validate the suffering of those who weep on this day, do not turn away, do not change the subject.  We in the west are uncomfortable with mourning.  We tend to run away from it. Nebt-Het Mother of Anpu teaches us that we need to mourn, that we need some time in the darkness, not the darkness we in the west have been taught to fear, but the healing darkness in which we can find rest, peace and healing before we are ready to be reborn into the light.  And reborn we shall be for when we emerge again into the light we will be changed forever.