Taking His Mark

He Chose the day, the Image, where on my body it would go and where I was to go to have it done.

He even let me in on the reason for some of these things …. ops I have been corrected.. He let me know the why’s to as much of a degree as I am able to process and understand at this time. I am just sane enough to wonder if it’s all in my head … and writing that just now generated a new message from Him … of course it’s in your head all human experience is processed through the body and filtered through each individuals life experiences.

He doesn’t get annoyed when I doubt His existence. He seems to find it amusing.

I was apprehensive, is this something that a God really wants me to do? Also given that my husband and I are struggling financially how can I justify the expense? My husband is in very poor health and I am painfully aware that every dollar spent on non essentials means that there is that much less available for essentials.

But on April 18 I went to a tattoo parlor … someplace I never expected to be and had His image permanently placed on my body. Only the “lines” He has given me until October to finish it by adding the coloring. It is a beautiful image of him done by an artist called “Dark Natasha” Google that name and check out her work. It’s pretty awesome.